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How Do I Choose the Right Cable Gland Material for My Project?

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    May 20, 2024

Material selection can have a significant impact on the performance, durability and safety of your cable gland. From stainless steel to plastic to brass, each material has its own benefits and considerations. The material should be strong enough to perform for the time required for the application. It should also be compatible with the cable material to prevent corrosion, excessive wear or damage.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing the right cable gland material for your specific project needs.

Cable Gland Material

The importance of cable glands in your project

Cable glands perform the important function of securing and protecting cables from potential damage. These glands provide a sealed entry point for cables to and from an enclosure or device, ensuring they are effectively protected from environmental factors such as dust, moisture and even physical strain.

In addition to providing protection, cable glands help maintain the integrity of your electrical system by preventing the entry of foreign objects that could cause short circuits or other electrical malfunctions. This is especially important in industrial environments or outdoor environments where cables are exposed to harsh conditions.

Additionally, cable glands play a vital role in ensuring the safety of those operating electrical equipment. By providing a safe and stable connection for cables, these glands help prevent accidents and injuries that can occur due to loose or unsecured cables.

How do cable glands work?

The cable joint consists of a body, a sealing ring, a compression nut and a sealing washer. The cable passes through the body of the gland and a sealing ring is placed around the cable to provide a tight seal. The compression nut is then tightened onto the body, pressing the seal against the cable and creating a tight seal. A sealing gasket is typically placed between the compression nut and valve body to provide additional protection against environmental factors.

Cable glands are devices used to secure and seal cables as they enter equipment or enclosures. They work by providing a mechanical method of securing cables to equipment while also providing protection from dust, dirt, moisture and other environmental factors.

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Common types of cable gland materials and their properties

There are many types of cable glands with different specifications. Materials of construction can be metallic, such as stainless steel, nickel-plated brass, aluminum, or thermoplastic. Each type of cable gland is suitable for different needs and is used under specific conditions. Which material is best for your application? The following will introduce the characteristics and applications of cable joints of various materials.

Nylon material cable gland

Nylon is a durable and lightweight material known for its high tensile strength, chemical resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. These properties make nylon cable glands ideal for use in harsh environments where cables need to be securely fastened and protected.

Nylon cable glands are designed to securely seal and clamp cables, preventing dust, dirt, moisture and other contaminants from damaging them. They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate different cable diameters and entry points. Additionally, nylon cable glands are easy to install for quick and efficient cable management in industrial environments.

Some typical industries for nylon cable glands include

Telecommunications, Panel Manufacturers, Equipment Producers, Solar Energy Solutions, Alternative Energy Sources, Electric Vehicle Technology, Sensor Technologies, and Advanced Lighting Systems.

Nickel plated brass

Nickel-plated brass cable glands are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to provide a secure seal around cables, preventing the ingress of moisture, dust, and other contaminants. Nickel plating ensures the cable gland can withstand harsh environmental conditions and provide long-lasting performance.

When selecting a nickel-plated brass cable gland, it is important to consider factors such as cable size, the environment in which the cable will be installed (indoors vs. outdoors), and any specific safety or regulatory requirements that need to be met.

Typical industries for nickel-plated brass cable glands

Our expertise spans across a diverse array of sectors including infrastructure, transportation, telecommunications, alternative energy solutions, and advanced lighting systems. Additionally, we specialize in the development and implementation of motors, sensors, data centers, warehouse equipment, manufacturing machinery, and robotic technologies.

Polyvinylidene fluoride

PVDF is a plastic compound formulated to resist chemicals such as gasoline, alcohol, mild acids, and more while ensuring your application is protected. These cable glands provide a secure, watertight seal around cables, preventing the entry of moisture, dust and other contaminants that can affect the performance of electrical equipment.

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) cable glands are known for their excellent chemical resistance, mechanical strength and thermal stability, making them ideal for harsh environments requiring exposure to extreme temperatures, chemicals or abrasion.

Typical industries for polyvinylidene fluoride cable glands

Beverage Packaging, Wastewater Treatment, Swimming Pool Equipment, Laboratory Instruments, Gas Treatment Solutions, Chemical Manufacturing Processes, and Infrastructure Development.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel cable glands are specifically designed to provide a reliable method of sealing and securing cables, protecting them from environmental factors such as dust, water and other contaminants.

Stainless steel is a popular choice for cable glands due to its durability, corrosion resistance, and high tensile strength. In addition, stainless steel cable glands provide electromagnetic shielding, which is critical in some applications to prevent interference from electronic equipment.

Typical industries for stainless steel cable glands

Marine, lighting, food processing, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment, chemical processing, and beverage manufacturing.

Nickel plated brass

Factors to consider when selecting the right cable gland material

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right cable gland material. These factors include:

  1. Environmental conditions: It is important to consider the environmental conditions in which the cable gland will be used. Different materials have varying degrees of resistance to factors such as moisture, dust, chemicals and temperature changes.
  2. Compatibility with cables: The material of the cable gland should be compatible with the type of cable used. This includes considering factors such as cable diameter and insulation material.
  3. Comply with regulations: Depending on the industry and location, there may be specific regulations and standards that govern the types of materials that can be used for cable glands. It is important to ensure that the materials chosen meet these requirements.
  4. Durability and longevity: The durability and longevity of the cable gland material should also be considered. Factors such as resistance to corrosion, UV exposure, and mechanical stress should be evaluated.
  5. Cost: Finally, cost is always a factor to consider when choosing the right cable gland material. It is important to balance the cost of a material with the performance and longevity it provides in a specific application.

Tips for proper installation and maintenance of cable glands

Proper installation and maintenance of cable glands is critical to ensuring the integrity and safety of electrical connections.

Here are some tips to follow:


First, open the cable gland and remove the nut

Use a suitable tool to strip the outer jacket of the cable to a length that matches the size of the gland.

Insert the right end of the sealing sleeve into the cable, and spread the stripped sheath or armor evenly around the sealing sleeve

Reinstall the nut and tighten carefully using a wrench or similar tool to hold the gland in place

Some cable glands have two halves designed to fit on both sides of an enclosure to provide a watertight seal for the cable. Installing these glands requires drilling a hole in the enclosure wall and then securing each gland in place.


Periodically inspect cable glands for signs of wear, corrosion, or looseness. Replace any damaged or worn parts immediately to prevent electrical hazards.

Keep cable glands clean and free of dirt and debris. Clean and inspect them regularly to maintain their effectiveness and extend their life.

Follow all safety guidelines and regulations when installing and maintaining cable glands. Make sure all connections are properly grounded and insulated to prevent electrical accidents.

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Cable glands may be small, but they are essential equipment in almost every industry. Whether you work in aerospace, marine, power, telecommunications or industry, cable glands are a vital safety feature.

Hoonsun is a leading supplier of wire and cable protection systems. Our experience spans multiple industries and offers a diverse range of products. Contact us today to learn more about cable glands and our options.

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