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8 tips for choosing the right electrical connector

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    May 27, 2021

Due to the wide variety of electrical connectors, several key conditions need to be considered, so it is very difficult to select the correct connector. However, choosing the right connector is the most effective and reliable way to modularize the system, improve or reduce the size, so that the system runs smoothly without frequent maintenance.

Consider the following 8 factors to choose the best connector for your application:

Write down your requirements
How many signals are there in total?

What current, frequency and voltage do they carry?

Is your signal an analog signal, a digital signal or a combined signal?

The combination of signals will affect the type of connector, pin arrangement and wiring. For example, high-frequency signals may require a coaxial connection, while low-level analog signals may require shielding.

Certain signal combinations cannot be included in the same connector. If high voltage pins are involved, creepage distance and electrical clearance may need to be considered. If the current path is large, multiple pins and larger wires may be required. Depending on your unique situation and design requirements, you may also need customized solutions.

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Consider your rated current and working voltage

Rated current is the most important criterion for selecting cable connectors. It is a measure of the amount of current that can flow through matching terminals, ideally expressed in amperes per circuit. The current should be adjusted or reduced based on the number of circuits in a given enclosure and the temperature rise of adjacent terminals.

Check space constraints

The size and weight of cable connectors and terminal connectors decrease as their available space decreases. However, their ability to withstand the increased frequency of insertion and removal has been greatly improved. Therefore, depending on the situation applicable to your project and its design requirements, you may need to look for more options in electrical connectors.

Verify recommended operating temperature range

Most electrical connectors are subject to extreme conditions such as vibration and shock. Cable connectors and terminal connectors designed for extreme conditions and hazardous environments have special features to resist vibration and shock and withstand extreme temperatures.

Therefore, please select the electrical connector according to the location of the electrical connector, the distance from the heat source, the working temperature and the plug frequency.

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Confirm reliability level

Reliability is another important factor to consider when purchasing electrical connectors. However, reliability is a complex concept, and it depends on several factors. The exact number is difficult to determine, but some connectors come with MTBF specifications. This can be used as a guide for choosing the correct electrical connector for any application.

Make sure it is environmentally sealed

Certain environments require protective measures to prevent the intrusion of flammable or flammable gases, vapors, dust or liquids. The electrical connector comes with an environmental sealing option, which can effectively prevent accidental splashing. Once you know the required security level, you can verify the IP rating number in the IP code system and know whether you are buying the correct electrical connector.

For safer workplaces, environmental sealing is a very important standard, especially in harsh environments such as aviation, aerospace, underwater, medical and food.

Material and plating factors

Terminal material and plating are usually the last factors to consider, but since most electrical connectors are made of nylon plastic, they have a flammability rating and high flame resistance. The standard options available include tin, lead and selected gold, suitable for most applications. The base material is usually made of phosphor bronze or brass because they have excellent strength and current-carrying capacity even when exposed to high ambient temperatures for a long time.

Calculate pricing

The price of the electrical connector is usually calculated based on the total cost including the socket and plug, the cost of the terminal connector, and the labor cost of connecting the wire to the terminal and inserting it into the housing.

The most important criteria for you will determine the type and size of electrical connectors. Other factors you need to consider here include operating voltage, wire size, configuration, bonding force, and circuit size.