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    Material:Nylon PA6

    Protection function:O ring can reach waterproof IP68 when DETH to 3-5M.

    Color:Gray,white,black and customized color.

    Temperature:work temperature: -40℃ to 120℃,short time to 150℃.

    Air flow:325ml/minute(0.07)

    Pressure in water:>5 bar



    1:Waterproof, dust proof

    2:Vent,copper factory and protect equipment operating under terrible environment.

    3:Cooling,replace or assist heat sink,to reduce temperature of car.

    4:Extend the service life of products.

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    Dimension Drawing

    Nylon Breathable Valve

    Technical Parameter

    Item Air permeability Thread Diameter
    Thread Length
    Total Length
    Spanner Size
    M5×0.8 60ML/Min 5 6 11.6 11 HX-PF-M5
    M6×1 60ML/Min 6 6 11.6 11 HX-PF-M6
    M10×1 1820ML/Min 10 9 17 17 HX-PF-M10
    M12×1.5 260ML/Min 12 9 17 17 HX-PF-M12
    M16×1.5 748ML/Min 16 9 22 22 HX-PF-M16

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