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Introduction of cable waterproof connector

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    July 21, 2020

Cable waterproof joint is a kind of connection device often used in power system.

It is mainly used in outdoor products, medium and large remote control machinery, and equipment whose main body is in the outdoor control system and not on the main body. For example, in chemical plants, power plants, power supply bureaus, base stations of telecommunication networks, and factories with a high degree of automation, cable waterproof connectors are all used.

DPJ Standard31
DPJ Standard11

Application note:

In order to ensure waterproof and longer operation, it is recommended to use double-wall glued heat shrink tubing and insulating tubing.
In order to ensure that the joint can withstand a certain pressure, it is recommended to add a jacket tube to strengthen insulation and protection.
The self-adhesive tapes (or heat shrinkable waterproof tapes) used are all high-voltage products to ensure insulation safety.
During construction, the cable joints should preferably be staggered and connected (that is, the cables do not need to be neatly cut and connected).

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