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The role and classification of cable gland

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    July 21, 2020

What is a cable connector?


When one end of the cable is connected to other electrical equipment, a cable terminal is required; when connecting one end of two cables into a cable line, a cable intermediate connector is required. The cable terminal and the intermediate connector are collectively called cable connectors. Cable joints are also called cable heads.

The role and classification of cable glandmain effect


The main function of the cable head is to seal the cable. When the cable leaves the factory, both ends are sealed, but when laying or connecting, its ends must be cut, which destroys its tightness. If the end of the cable is not sealed or the quality of the cable head is not qualified when the cable is laid, the cable head will leak oil, and finally the insulating oil will dry up and the insulation performance will be greatly reduced, which will affect the safe operation of the cable.

In addition, the cable paper has strong water absorption and is very susceptible to moisture. If the cable is not sealed well, moisture invades the inside of the cable, which will also reduce the insulation performance and affect the safe operation of the cable. It is not difficult to understand that the cable head is the weak link of the cable insulation and the frequent occurrence point of cable line faults.

Cable terminal heads are divided into indoor and outdoor categories. Outdoor cable terminal heads are easily affected by wind, rain, ice, snow and environmental climate, and their working conditions are harsh, so their structure is more complicated. Indoor cable terminal heads work well and do not need to be waterproof. Device, the cable core wire can be directly drawn out and connected to the equipment.

At present, the indoor and outdoor cable terminations of cables of 10KV and below generally use epoxy resin cable terminations, and sometimes outdoor cables also use cast iron cable terminations.

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