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Internal and external structure of brass cable gland

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    March 22, 2022

Explain the components and raw materials of our Hoonsun brass cable gland

Internal and external structure of brass cable gland

First of all, we want to introduce the raw materials of our protagonist

Brass. We use H59 brass. Most brass on the market use H55 or even H54. H59 brass has better element stability and higher copper content.

It has strong corrosion resistance, high strength, hardness and good plasticity, and does not contain harmful elements.

It is better than H55 brass on the market. We will attach a material report when we supply it. It can reach the ROHS environmental protection report of SGS。


Second, we will introduce our nylon material

We use PA66, which can reach the ul94-v0 flame retardant grade. PA66 has excellent wear resistance, self-lubrication, high mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance, which can achieve very good results.

The raw materials on the market are generally PP, which is very unstable and partially resistant to high temperature, Plastic parts are very important for the use of the whole product.

Therefore, we chose the most stable PA66 in this area. The flame retardant effect can reach V0, which can effectively reduce the spread of electrical fire.

EPDMFinally, let’s introduce the last raw material of our cable gland

Our clamping parts are made of Ethylene Propylene Diene monomer (EPDM).

Compared with rubber materials, commonly used materials are butadiene rubber, ethylene propylene diene monomer and silicone rubber.

Why we choose ethylene diene monomer is because it has the advantages of butadiene rubber and silicone rubber, Moreover, the disadvantages of both of them are correspondingly removed.

EPDM has superior oxygen resistance, ozone resistance and corrosion resistance. It can effectively improve the service life when used outdoors so that the electrical appliances in the shell can also improve the service life.

At the same time, it also resists high and low temperatures below 120 °, so it can work for a long time and have a longer service life in an adverse environment. And oil resistance is also quite good.

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