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Why use cable glands?

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    May 27, 2021

Nylon Reinforced Cable Gland4The threaded cable gland has a large cable range. UV stable. Metric thread with lock nut and seal. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, you can use cable glands or use cable glands.

The cable fixing head is a device that can be connected to the end of the cable. It can be fixed to the device and keep the wires neat, not the whole place. These convenient devices can be used for telecommunications, control, instrumentation and data cables, and electricity. Essentially, most industries will use them frequently.

In addition to the main cable glands, stainless steel, brass and aluminum, there is also nylon. Why use nylon cable glands instead of stainless steel or brass?

Nylon cable glands can have different colors, such as red and blue, which means you can actually color-code the cables. When used in certain facilities, color-coded cable systems for your data or telecommunications applications will undoubtedly make maintenance easier and more efficient.

Nylon cable glands may also have the highest IP rating, approximately up to IP68.

Nylon Reinforced Cable Gland6Standard cable gland

For general use, please choose a screw connection that is easy to install and has excellent strain relief. Semi-sealed connections with sealing edges are used for housings with threaded glands, and full threaded connections are used for housings with threads.

For shielded cables, reliable EMC screw connections with elastic shielded contact springs can be provided to facilitate assembly. In addition, the highly conductive laminate element can provide a durable and reliable connection between the cable shielding layer and the connector housing, and has a very low ohmic and inductive resistance.

Cable fittings, connectors or glands may seem like a trivial matter. But in fact, small things can provide the most appropriate and sensible solutions. When it comes to wiring requirements, whether it’s a data cable or a cable, don’t forget the cable gland-and consider using nylon.

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