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What is a cable gland used for?

Author    |    hongxiang_admin    |    June 15, 2022

A cable gland (commonly known in the United States as a cable clamp, cable stress reliever, cable connector, or cable connector) is a device designed to connect and secure cable ends to equipment.

Cable glands are defined as “mechanical cable entry equipment” for use with cables and wiring for electrical, instrumentation and control, and automation systems, including lighting, power, data, and telecommunications.

What is a cable gland used for

Cable glands can be made of brass, silver, stainless steel, PG thread, and nylon. The corrosion resistance of these materials can also be determined by the selection of standards or by corrosion testing. It is composed of five important parts: inner seal assembly, outer seal assembly, check nut, armored cone, retaining ring, and rain seal.

Many industries require cable sealing sleeves to be used in conjunction with cables and wiring used in electrical instrumentation and automation systems. They are used for all available sizes and types of cables. Its main function is to pass pipe, wire, or cable safely through the housing.

cable gland

The main function of cable joints is to act as sealing and termination devices, ensuring the protection of electrical equipment and enclosures, including the below functions.

Environmental protection – Removes dust and moisture from electrical or instrument housing by sealing the external cable jacket.

Grounding continuity – In the case of armored cables, when the cable joint has a metal structure. In this case, cable seals can be tested to ensure that they can withstand the appropriate peak short-circuit fault current.

Attachment sealing – At the part of the cable that enters the enclosure when a high degree of protection is required.

Additional environmental sealing – At the cable entrance, the protection level of the enclosure is maintained by selecting suitable accessories specifically designed to perform this function.

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