Brass Cable Gland-High Temperature Resistance Type

Thread type : M/PG

Material:Nickel-plated brass

Hermetic seal:Silicone rubber

O-Ring:Silicone rubber

Protection degree:IP68-10 bra

Temperature:Static state:-60℃ to 250℃

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Dimension Drawing

Brass Cable Gland-High Temperature Resistance Type

Technical Parameter

High Temperature Resistance Brass Cable Gland Product Introduction


Part of the structure of high temperature resistance brass cable gland is made of high-grade zinc alloy nickel-plated, and made of UL-approved high-performance heat-resistant engineering plastics. It has the best high toughness and mechanical strength characteristics at high temperatures. High temperature resistance brass cable gland is made of special Viton super rubber for special aerospace industry, which can be used for a long time in high temperature and has long life, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and oil resistance.

When there is a special demand for permanent high temperature resistance, high-strength waterproofness and fixed tensile strength, the design of this product can provide a good answer. The sealing material of this product uses the extremely well-known special rubber for aerospace industry. It can work for a long time without aging and has the advantages of mechanical strength. For various high temperature resistance brass cable gland, such as: production equipment, fuel system, generator, lighting equipment, power supply, solar equipment, micro switches, connectors, and electronic and electrical products, etc. It is the most perfect cable outlet and fixed weapon. High temperature resistance brass cable gland uses high-cost nickel plating (high thickness) to resist salt water and corrosion. It can be fully used in the ocean, petroleum and chemical industries. This product has both precise and beautiful appearance design. : Coupled with the specially designed clamping garden and clamping jaws, the cable fixing resistance is extremely strong and the air tightness is perfect and it can be submerged for 50 meters. It is a very versatile top fixing head. This product can also be matched with armored cables. The purpose of EMC anti-magnetic wave.


Item Range
Φ mm
Tread Length
GL mm
Thread O.D.
AG mm
Joint Length
H mm
Spanner size
M12×1.5 3-7 7 12 11.5 16/14 HX-NPM12S
M12×1.5 4-8 7 12 11.5 16/14 HX-NPM12S-8
M14×1.5 4-8 7 14 15 18/17 HX-NPM14S
M16×1.5 5-9 8 16 15 20/18 HX-NPM16S
M18×1.5 8-12 8 18 16 22/20 HX-NPM18S
M20×1.5 8-12 8 20 16 24/22 HX-NPM20S
PG7 3-7 7 12.5 11.5 16/14 HX-NPPG7S
PG9 4-8 7 15.2 15 18/17 HX-NPPG9S
PG11 5-9 8 18.5 16 22/20 HX-NPPG11S
PG13.5 8-12 8 20.4 16 24/22 HX-NPPG13.5S


Item Range Tread Length  H Spanner size Code
Joint Length
M PG G NPT Φ mm GL mm mm mm
M12×1.5 PG7 G1/4 NPT1/4 4-7 7 21 18 HX-NG”Item”
M16×1.5 PG9 4-11 7 25 20
M18×1.5 PG11 G3/8 NPT3/8 4-11 7 25 22
M20×1.5 PG13.5 G1/2 NPT1/2 5-14 8 29 24
M22×1.5 PG16 5-14 8 29 24
M25×1.5 PG21 G3/4 NPT3/4 11-20 9 30 30
M32×1.5 PG29 G1 NPT1 15-25 10 32 36
M40×1.5 PG36 G1-1/4 NPT1-1/4 22-32 11 35 44
M50×1.5 PG42 G1-1/2 NPT1-1/2 31-42 13 37 58
M63×1.5 PG48 G2 NPT2 41-51 14 40 68
M72×2 50-54 16 37 81

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