Explosion-proof Cable Clamp Sealing Joint-CW

Suface treatment:Nickel plating,Passivation
Sealing materials:silastic、Neoprene
Explosion-proot mark:Exd IIC Gb
Fireproof classification:UL94-V0
Protecyion grade:IP66-10bars
Ambinent temperature:Static from -60℃to100℃,short time 120℃
Dymamic from -20℃to80℃,short time 100℃

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Dimension Drawing

Explosion-proof Cable Clamp Sealing Joint-CWExplosion-proof Cable Clamp Sealing Joint-CW

Technical Parameter

Explosion-proof Cable Clamp Sealing Goint Product Parameter

Applicable environment

Applicable to A, BⅡ, Ⅱ, C explosive gas environment. It is also suitable for explosive and dangerous environments such as petroleum exploration, storage, chemical industry, medicine, military and military facilities. As a supporting accessory for explosion-proof electrical equipment, it is suitable for clamping various armored non-armored cables.


It is made of high-quality stainless steel or carbon steel, and different specifications of cable joints can meet different installation requirements. Suitable for the shell of the flameproof cavity as a cable entry device.

Thread specifications can be customized according to user requirements, such as non-standard thread, thread length is extended.

        Metric thread(M)   Inch screw threads(G)  Outer diameter cable(mm) L1 Thread length (mm) L  length(mm)  EX-mark Protection level
 Outlet A  incoming line B
M16×1.5 5—8 7—15 15 75 Exd IIC  Gb Ip66
M20×1.5 G1/2 5—12 8—15 15 75
M25×1.5 G3/4 8—17 11—20 15 80
M32×1.5 G1 11—22 14-27 17 88
M40×1.5 G1 1/4 14—28 19-33 17 123
M50×1.5 G1 1/2 16—33 22—40 17 123
M63×1.5 G2 29—43 29—50 17 123
M75×1.5 G2 1/2 38—57 35—63 17 142
M85×1.5 G3S 38—72 41—77 18 144
M90×1.5 G3 38—72 41-77 18 161
M100×1.5 G4S 48—83 55-90 18 161
M110×1.5 G4 48—94 61—104 18 166

According the customer’s requirements the extended GL screws are available

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