Product Category

  • Zinc Alloy Hose Fitting
  • DGJ Standard

    Material: the main part is made of high quality zinc alloy
    Thread specifications: G, Metric, PG, NPT
    Product size: 1/2″-2″
    Treatment process: Zinc die casting, stainless steel, brass (surface galvanized, chrome, nickel plated)
    Color: Metallic (silver white)
    Application: one end of outer tooth connection box or inner tooth fitting, one end of metal hose connection

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    Dimension Drawing

    Technical Parameter

    CAT # SIZE
    DGJ-15 1/2″
    DGJ-20 3/4″
    DGJ-25 1″
    DGJ-32 1-1/4″
    DGJ-38 1-1/2″
    DGJ-50 2″

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