EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) cable glands, also known as EMC cable fittings or EMC cable connectors. It is specifically designed for use in applications where electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio interference is present. It provides effective electromagnetic shielding for cables or wires passing through enclosures or bulkheads.

EMC cable glands are usually made of stainless steel or brass material, ideal for strain relief, and easy to install. Compared to standard cable glands, EMC cable glands often have additional features that help prevent EMI or RFI from affecting the performance of electronic or electrical equipment. Hoonsun provides customized services for long and short entries.

EMC cable glands are commonly used in sensitive electronic or electrical installations where electromagnetic compatibility is critical, such as control panels, communication systems, medical equipment, aerospace and defense systems, and industrial automation.

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How do EMC cable glands work?

EMC cable glands usually consist of a threaded body made of metal or plastic, a sealing element, a lock nut and a grounding plate. It works by providing a physical barrier between the electrical enclosure and the cables, which helps prevent electromagnetic interference (EMI).

EMC cable glands are made of conductive elastomer, a material that conducts both electricity and heat. This means they can dissipate heat and electricity, helping to prevent EMI.

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What are the benefits of using an EMC cable gland?

In applications where it is necessary to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI), such as in sensitive electronic or electrical installations, the use of EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) cable glands offers several advantages.

Some of the benefits of using EMC cable glands include:

Effective Shielding: EMC cable glands are designed with special shielding properties, such as conductive materials or coatings, that help minimize electromagnetic fields entering the enclosure through the cable gland.

Reliable grounding: EMC cable glands often include grounding devices such as grounding clips, grounding tabs, or grounding washers to effectively ground the cable shield or other conductive parts of the cable or enclosure.

Enhanced Environmental Protection: Like standard cable glands, EMC cable glands provide a seal that prevents dust, dirt, moisture or other contaminants from entering the housing through the cable gland.

Strain Relief: EMC cable glands also provide strain relief for cables or wires passing through the enclosure, preventing excessive tension, bending or pulling that could cause damage or breakage.

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